What We Believe

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We stand for Alberta independence and prosperity. Below are some of our policy priorities.

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End Equalization

  • We will end equalization payments to Ottawa.
  • We will after a successful clear question of “Separation From Canada Referendum” vote by the people of Alberta terminate ALL equalisation payments.
  • We will ensure a 4 month start to finish referendum completion. Within 30 days after election the
    referendum will be mailed to ALL Albertans, within 4 months the process will be completed. During this time ALL federal equalisation funds with be held in trust with the ATB.

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End the Carbon Tax

    • We will end carbon tax.
    • We will ensure Carbon Tax is ended through official letter to ALL businesses operating in Alberta through Corporate Registries and GST account holders. The timeline for letters to ALL corporations and GST account holders is 30 days after election to processing the confirmation lists (3 months). During this time period ALL financial institutions will be contacted to submit funds to the ATB in a secured account (Carbon Tax Refund).

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The Alberta Police

  • We will implement a national police force, saving 2.2 times current costs..
  • We will ensure after ratification vote (4 months after election) the immediate implementation of the Alberta National Police Force. The Alberta Federation of Police will work with the Finance Minister and Justice Minister to implement a complete take-over of ALL federal, provincial and municipal police forces not currently registered with the Alberta Federation of Police. The Cost-of-Living analysis incorporated by the current Alberta Federation of Police will amend ALL of the RCMP rates. Sheriffs and Peace Officers will be adopted to the to the Alberta Federation of Police under defined roles. This process will not be defined by the 4 year transfer period but will be completed by the 1st year anniversary of election.

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Lowest Business Taxes

    • We will ensure a flat tax, the lowest in North America.
    • We will ensure a flat tax of 8.5 percent for all Alberta Based Businesses regardless of size.
    • We will ensure a (combined federal/provincial) 9 percent flat tax for ALL foreign businesses registered in Alberta.
    • We ensure ALL businesses will be taxed according to revenue generated by business in Alberta. A tax based on net income from the Alberta Revenues regardless of subsidiaries or foreign activities.
    • We ensure the Nation of Alberta will rework the 23 TIEAs and 92 Tax Treaties within 6 months of election to promote the USMCAA (United States – Mexico – Canada – Alberta Agreement.
    • We ensure a straight forward concept of share holder dividend taxation after the incorporation of business tax rates and personal tax rates. Preferred shares will be taxed at 20 percent and Common Shares will be taxed at 15 percent after personal earnings of $45000.00. A complete rebuild of the Income Tax Act and Corporate Laws to reflect a combined new perspective will occur over the 4 year transfer period (Stated Capital, Paid Up Capital and Adjusted Cost Base).
    • We ensure a 5 percent royalty paid on barrel of oil-liquids/natural gas-(other product gases)1000 mcf stored in Alberta. The other 5 percent due upon release. A 10 percent royalty charged for every barrel of oil-liquids/natural gas-(other product gases)1000 mcf produced or shipped for market.
    • We ensure ALL 124 different federal tolls, tariffs, levies, excise, industry specific fees, licencing, import, export and other will be removed and/or restructured over the 4 year transfer and/or less than a year. Notices for ALL businesses will be issued as conclusions are reached and/or trade agreements, tax reforms, corporate laws, international laws are addressed.
    • We ensure First Nations will negotiate their own royalty rates and corporate taxation rates on reserves. This system will follow with First Nations to newly split federal lands negotiated in the 4 year transfer.

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Protect Services

  • We will do all this without reducing a single service.
  • We will ensure a “Minimum of Current Services or Better” Policy. $45,000.00 year is the accessed standard of living for Alberta 2018. To this end subsidies, tax credits and personal claims will end. A new basis of $45,000.00 a year quality of life will commence.

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  • We will ensure an Alberta Pension Plan and Alberta Employment Insurance Contribution Ceiling of 45,000 dollars annual earnings (ALL Albertans). This means a maximum of 3750.00 AEI and APP, with a 1250.00 a month top up for long term care retirees.
  • We will ensure a life-time Alberta minimum wage earner would receive 2388.54 a month upon lay-off AEI and 2388.54 APP upon retirement with a long term care top up of 866.34.
  • We will ensure the current EI annual contribution ceiling of 51,700 will be reduced to 45,000 annually – AEI.  Current employee/employer percentages will move from 1.66%/2.324% to a new 5.0% (with 0 as the exemption and age under 18 or independent status above 16 or retirement age has been reached).
  • We will ensure the current CPP annual contribution ceiling of 55,900 annually will be reduced to 45,000 annually – APP.  The current 4.95% employee/employer  contribution rates CPP will move to 15%/7.5% (0 exemption and no exemption between 18 to 65 unless 42 years of continuous Full Maximum contributions are reached).
  • We will ensure mandatory enrollment in financial planning, mortgaging, loans, education (high school, college and university), apprenticeships, training hours in skill development, workshops, mental health, disabilities, addictions and much more.  Years of service without an EI claim will set different bars between 8 week programs and 4 year university studies.  ALL Albertans Employer/Employees will have access to these programs.  An employer will have the ability to send employees through skills development and training to have their employees diversified for company specific needs if they meet the unused AEI claim year(s) requirement.
  • We will ensure Disability will receive 3750 a month on AEI/APP.
  • We will ensure ALL current CPP retirees in Alberta will be bumped to the minimum 2388.64 annual APP who did not make the “minimum wage calculation” with the 866.34 long term care top up and above that ratio percentage of years service and maximum CPP contributions will move to the new monthly 3750.00 APP maximum with the 1250 dollar top up for long term care retirees (according to contributions made as CPP).
  • We will ensure ALL holiday pay is covered through the AEI program for ALL Albertans for the first 45,000 dollars a year who have not had a claim in the previous year.  Employers will only be held to holiday pay above the 45,000 a year ceiling.  Current Holiday Pay Terms will be maintained with AEI program up to 45,000 a year.  It will be employer/employee responsibility to update the new employer/employee through out the year.

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Education & Parents

  • We will ensure student funding goes with the student.
  • We will ensure 100 percent funding for ALL schools public/private who meet the common sense “Oath of rights and Freedoms”.
  • We will ensure that the ability for a private school to build a school board rests on the institutions ability to attract students and gain appropriate size of enrollment per municipality or community.
  • We will ensure a grading system that incorporates early detection models.  Parents will be notified of learning issues immediately and course restructuring made available.
  • We will ensue a life management course (extra curricular) not administered by teachers but by professionals in the areas of taxation, career, monetary independence, sexual education and responsibilities of a citizen.  These programs will be mandatory with a parental override option leave for sex education if parents confirm the material covered will be taught by themselves.  Regardless students will be tested in knowledge (government exam).  Religious Freedom will be adopted into the exam.
  • We will ensure ALL Public, Private and Home Schooling Students will have a core curriculum to follow.  Government exams will demonstrate effectiveness outside of learning disabilities.  100 percent funding is conditional on the core education classes and participation in the extra curricular mandatories.
  • We will ensure parents and educators continue on in an open relationship of mutual trust and permissions of the parents.  Students will have online access, written confidentiality sealed envelopes and the government exam to report any issues of bullying, fear of acceptance or issues inside the home.  To this end if a student reports to a teacher, that teacher must notify the government community support worker and an assessment and/or investigation will be done immediately.  We live in 2018 and have a lawful society: secrets in the home, become secrets of the community and corrupt the basic principles of a free and just society.  If a parent can’t accept their child for who they are – there are bigger problems requiring government action.

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Lower Individual Taxes

  • We will ensure the lowest personal flat tax in North America.
  • We will ensure there will be no personal taxes for individuals under $45,000.00 a year.
  • We will ensure a flat personal tax of 20 percent (combined federal/provincial) rates after the Alberta individual claim amount $45,000 reached.

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Government Waste

  • We will reduce government waste and cost controls.
  • We will ensure after ratification vote for separation from Confederated Canada (4 months after being elected) all MLAs will assume a combined role of MLA/MP of Alberta during the 4 year transfer period.  Elected MPs will become liaisons of the Crown and Canada on Canada’s expense.  These are Alberta’s citizens and will be offered a choice to stay that way and run for National Politics under the new Nation of Alberta or apply in the Diplomatic Department of Alberta.

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  • We will end the GST.
  • We will ensure upon successful ratification vote for separation (4 months after election), GST will immediately terminate with Confederation.  The carbon tax letters sent to ALL businesses in Alberta will include notice of intent to terminate GST.  ALL financial institutions will be notified by registered mail to transfer All submitted payments to the ATB after the ratification vote for separation.  The ATB will hold in trust the GST reimbursement fund.

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  • Upon election of the Alberta Independence Party, an immediate referendum for the clear question of separation will be sent to every Albertan.
  • Upon a successful 51 percent vote ALL federal transfer, equalisation, GST, Excise, Tolls, Fees, Licencing, Registrations, EI, CPP, Old Age Security and tax will be held back and ATB will assume ALL contributions and SIN numbers will be matched accordingly.
  • During the 4 year transfer of federal powers a complete rebuild of the nation, laws, constitution and effective government will be designed by thousands of Albertans.
  • The surplus calculated by the Alberta Independence Party was completed averaging 2016 to 2018 budgets at $59.00 dollars a barrel USA and with less than current commodity prices – with only 86 percent trade in affect (North/South) Alberta to USA.
  • All private Pension Plans: Local and Foreign as well as CPP and Old Age security can be easily transferred to the ATB painlessly.
  • Alberta will assume the federal portion of the debt that relates to federal powers over border tide water provinces and territories.
  • This party is influenced “For the people by the people” and absolutely commits to the individual citizens of Alberta.
  • At no time can any international organization, religious, special interest, business, union or society effectively join the government directly or indirectly with funding of any kind. It must be raised with individual citizens and capped.